Unify Your Workplace Like Never Before

Unify your workplace like never before.

Create a highly-engaged culture and connect employees across remote work, teams, and time zones.

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Connect employees in your company's social hub.

Fostering employee connection in the workplace can be hard—but it doesn't have to be. Motivosity helps you bring all your employees—including remote, hybrid, and international workers—together in one place with a full staff directory, org chart, searchable profiles, personality profiles, and more.

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Integrate new hires into your culture from the very first day.

Make onboarding a more impactful experience by connecting employees to peers, your organization, and their work from the very start. Connect new hires to your culture immediately with automated onboarding gifts, public welcomes and recognition, easy access to resources, and more.

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Foster employee connection and community in the workplace.

One of the easiest ways to connect employees is through common interests. Motivosity makes that easy! Whether you've got a group of BBQ fanatics, avid bikers, or board game lovers, employees can create and join micro-communities to connect about the things they love the most.

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Go beyond location.

Connect employees across geographical silos with social, community, and recognition tools.

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Improve collaboration.

Give employees more opportunities to connect so they work better together.

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Bond over common interests.

Build a culture of belonging by connecting employees around shared identities and interests.

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Track and evaluate employee sentiment in real time.

Keep a regular pulse on how your workforce and culture are faring. Easily collect and analyze important insights into employee satisfaction and engagement through eNPS and pulse surveys. Get actionable employee feedback to make timely, relevant decisions and connect employees on a deeper level.

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Connect employees wherever they are.

Engage your employees no matter where they work. With Motivosity's easy-to-use mobile app, employees everywhere can connect any time. Plus, with location-based groups, employee spaces, and more...you can ensure your company culture makes it to every corner of your organization.

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Improve employee retention by building stronger connections.

When employees connect with peers and your company's values, they perform better and stay longer. With peer-to-peer recognition, helpful personality profiles, a social feed of connection and gratitude, and more—Motivosity helps you create a culture employees don't want to leave.

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Ignite employee connection with peer-to-peer recognition.

Boost your culture efforts with peer-to-peer recognition that give every employee the opportunity to see the good in others and be seen and valued for their own contributions. When your employees spread gratitude to each other, it creates unity across the business so everyone feels like one team.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is workplace connection?

    There are many ways to connect people in the workplace. Finding common interests, creating connections through company culture, and using a recognition platform to connect with remote workers are just some examples.

    People who care about doing good work and have a deep connection to what they do are a superpower. Don't miss out on creating an incredible culture made of connected employees.

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  • What are 3 ways to develop quality connections among employees?

  • What is company culture?

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