Elevate and Automate your Employee Recognition Program

Elevate and automate your employee recognition program.

Simplify processes, celebrate milestones, and cultivate a culture of continuous recognition that engages your employees and increases productivity.

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Image of work anniversaries, employee awards, and peer-to-peer recognition included in Motivosity.

Regular recognition made easy for everyone involved.

Say goodbye to manual, inconsistent recognition efforts and hello to streamlined, frequent appreciation. Automate your employee recognition initiatives and include everyone in the process, from upper management and beyond. With peer recognition, automated milestones, awards, nominations, and so much more...see increased engagement and watch your company culture thrive.

Image of a public recognition for employee work anniversaries and birthdays in Motivosity's recognition program.

Celebrate milestones with a personalized touch.

Service anniversaries and birthdays are more than mere dates; they're opportunities to celebrate important employee milestones and reinforce connections. Make these special occasions easy and impactful, whether private or public. Customize celebrations with personalized messages, automated reminders, and custom rewards—ensuring every team member feels valued on their significant days.

Image of an employee nomination award, which is a critical part of recognizing employees.

Equip your leaders with meaningful employee awards.

Leadership plays a pivotal role in nurturing a culture of recognition. Give your leaders an easy-to-use and time-saving tool to give value-based awards and badges that align with your organization's core values. Whether it's the MVP award, nominations, or something else—get your leadership team involved in your employee recognition program to inspire their teams and boost productivity.

Icon representing the impact and global reach of having a regular recognition program for your organization.

Make recognition public.

Don't let wins fly under the radar. Make recognition engaging and inclusive with a company-wide social feed.

Icon representing how having a recognition program for your organization will reinforce your company values.

Connect company values.

Don't let your company values be words on a wall. Reinforce and reward employees that live your company mission.

Icon representing insights and reports about Motivosity's recognition program.

Get helpful insights.

Get actionable insights into program engagement and recognition trends so you can make informed, timely decisions.

Image of a spot bonus recognition program, which can be used in conjunction with a peer recognition program.

Recognize your people’s wins when it matters the most.

Don't miss an opportunity to recognize your employees when they make a huge impact. With Motivosity, send private or public spot recognition with monetary rewards to let your team members know you appreciate their effort. If you want to improve engagement and reward great performance, Motivosity will help you get it done.

Image of a social recognition post within a peer to peer recognition program.

Increase engagement with a peer recognition program.

Recognition isn't just about top-down acknowledgment—it's about fostering a culture of appreciation among peers. Motivosity helps you implement and administer a robust peer-to-peer recognition program that encourages your employees to look for (and celebrate) the wins. Peer recognition programs offer an inclusive approach that creates stronger relationships between your employees, all while increasing employee engagement and boosting your company culture.

Image of employee awards that can improve employee performance, employee turnover, create a recognition culture.

Motivate employees with challenges and monetary incentives.

Drive performance and engagement in your initiatives with employee challenges and awards, all tied together with our powerful rewards system. Whether it's surpassing sales targets, participating in the company wellness program, or completing the annual security training, we make it easy to engage employees with challenges and tangible rewards.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is employee recognition?

    Great question! Employee recognition is the practice (or rather, the art) of expressing gratitude and showing appreciation to your employees for hard work and a job well done. Often, recognition is linked to your organizational values and helps your employees feel more connected to your company's mission and values. It can boost employee retention, encourage positive behavior, and is an essential component of an incredible workplace culture.

    Employee recognition can come in a lot of forms. Whether you choose to implement a peer-to-peer program, a milestones (birthdays and work anniversaries) program, employee awards and challenges, or a little bit of everything — employee recognition programs are an incredible way to recognize employees, create more meaningful relationships, and boost team morale. Win-win-win!

  • What do I say when I want to recognize an employee?

  • Why should I include peer-to-peer appreciation in my recognition program?