Run All Your HR and People Program in One Place

Run all your people programs in one place.

Whether it’s recognition programs like service anniversaries or peer-to-peer, or it’s onboarding, wellness, or ERGs—manage nearly every employee program in Motivosity. 

Image of a smiling employee in the human resources department that manages employee programs with Motivosity.

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Icon of employee spaces in Motivosity that support a better employee onboarding process.

Create and run a more effective onboarding process.

Introduce new hires, send welcome messages, give personalized employee onboarding gifts, and make people feel appreciated right away. Help new employees integrate into your company culture quickly with easy access to all your important new hire resources—like the employee handbook and company policies—and incentivize their participation—they’ll feel like they belong the instant onboarding begins.

Image of an employee recognition program, which provides benefits like improved company culture, retention, and more.

Motivate your employees with recognition programs.

Employees who feel seen and valued are more productive and likely to exceed expectations. Motivate employee engagement with all kinds of recognition programs—from automated service anniversaries and nomination-based awards to challenges, incentives, spot bonuses, and peer-to-peer recognition. Create the most inclusive recognition program to improve every employee's experience.

Image of a workplace wellness program in Motivosity, with an example of an event and an example of an award.

Run a mental, physical, or financial wellness program.

Running a wellness program? Great! You can do it all in Motivosity—from step and meditation challenges to swag and rewards...we'll help you administer a world-class wellness program. You can even house all relevant program communication, resources, events, and more in a dedicated employee space so you can be sure that every team member is connected to your program and workplace.

Icon of a person representing increased engagement in the workplace.

Get more participation.

Drive program engagement with targeted communication, social interaction, special incentives, and better visibility.

Icon of a target representing long term effectiveness of employee programs and benefits like increased retention.

Make an impact.

Measure the effectiveness of all your programs with post and content insights and employee pulse surveys.

Icon of an hourglass representing how Motivosity solves time consuming processes and saves time for HR departments.

Save time.

Consolidate your programs in Motivosity—a single, social source of truth that helps you automate and manage it seamlessly.

Image of employee-led groups and employee resource groups in Motivosity, built to support a more inclusive work culture.

Build community with group-based employee programs.

Make your culture a safe and supportive place to work for all employees. Leverage Motivosity to promote community and connection across your workforce through formal corporate groups like dedicated employee resource groups and DEI initiatives, and employee-created groups so they can connect over their fur babies or favorite boardgames.

Image of an employee communication group built to support managers and leadership in communicating with their team members.

Keep employees connected to the voice of the company.

Keep employees in the know about important information and direction from senior leaders. Motivosity provides next-level tools to support your internal communication initiatives, like a CEO/executive blog or your monthly newsletter. Don't leave all company communication up to HR personnel and make it easier for your executive team to engage and communicate with in-office, desk-less, and remote employees.

Image of company spaces in Motivosity, like employee led groups, employee resource groups, and other micro-communities

House every HR program in a dedicated company space.

Take your employee programs to the next level with employee spaces—a simple and social way to organize your programs and the employees who are involved with them. Create custom membership rules from space to space and keep all your events, communication, and resources together in one easy-to-find and easier-to-manage place.

Image of events being hosted in Motivosity, which can be used for things like culture training, workplace events, employee onboarding, and other events to improve the employee experience.

Manage and host events in context of your programs.

Run company-wide, program-based, or group-specific events in Motivosity—from company meetings to wellness days. Make events part of an employee space for targeted communication, higher visibility, increased initiative participation, and easily keep track of agenda, locations, associated links, RSVPs, and other important information employees may need.

Image of company resources hosted in Motivosity. Use this for the organization of paperwork, handbooks, and relevant content.

Create, organize, and share relevant employee resources.

Sharing the right information with the right people can be time-consuming, manual, and all-around frustrating. Make it easier to organize and share links, documents, and other important files...and even easier for your employees to find them. Share resources relevant to your employee programs and groups with the ability to upload files and resources, organize your content libraries, and link to external sites like your LMS, HRIS, or Helpdesk sites.

Image of recognition and achievement awards available in Motivosity, used to motivate participation and encourage best practices.

Incentivize and reward employee program participation.

Tie rewards, challenges, and badges to your programs to motivate engagement. Automate interactive employee awards where employees can earn monetary or gift-based rewards and promote program participation. Configure awards and challenges in a snap with custom reward options. Then, review and track challenge completions for your programs easily. Motivosity makes it easy to get great participation in all of your people programs.

Image of funding modals in Motivosity that help organizations establish budget control best practices.

Oversee and manage program budgets on the spot.

Keep tabs on your recognition and rewards program budgets all in one place. With Motivosity's funding controls, allocate dollars by role, program, and more. From spot bonuses and peer recognition to your employee rewards redemption—know exactly how much is being spent and make educated forecasts for the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are people programs in Human Resources?

    People programs can cover a lot of things...including everything from wellness and onboarding programs to diversity initiatives and management training.

    When it comes to setting up your people programs for long-term success, it's important you get it right. Here are a few things to remember when creating a new program for your employees.

    1. Make it engaging.

    For your employees to want to participate in a new program, it needs to engage and benefit them in some way. Whether that's with opportunities for learning and upskilling, monetary incentives, or something entirely different—you're more likely to see increased participation when your program is interactive and engaging.

    Consider running employee challenges related to the program goals, giving out awards for participation, and providing free or low-cost training learning opportunities. When you identify and resolve how to engage your employees before launching your programs, you're sure to hit the ground running when the time comes.

    2. Make it relevant.

    Any people program you create should be relevant and related to some kind of goal. Consider a wellness program. Why might you want to encourage your employees to live a healthier lifestyle? Do you want to cut down on insurance premiums by a percentage point or two? Do you have a company value that supports employee well-being?

    By introducing a wellness program, you're creating an initiative that is relevant to your specific goals and carries a purpose beyond 'just because' or checking a box.

    3. Make it lasting.

    A great people program withstands the test of time. It goes beyond a few weeks or a few months and makes an impact on all employees, not just the ones lucky enough to be around when it was formed.

    To make a program more permanent, make sure it has regular and frequent participation. Don't create something, just to leave it dormant. Get company leadership, managers, and employees at every level involved. Add in engaging employee challenges and incentives for participation. Gather feedback and make adjustments based on what you hear.

    When you focus on making each program a great experience for everyone involved, it's sure to stick around.

  • How can I make my onboarding program more engaging?

  • How do I know my employee programs are working?