Rewards and Recognition Program Overview - Motivosity

Rewards and Recognition Program: Benefits, Challenges, and Guidance


Employee rewards and recognition programs explained

Recognize employee achievements and reward their work

Rewards vs Recognition

Improve engagement by celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and employee efforts

Benefits of a rewards and recognition program

For Employees

1. Improves Workplace Relationships

Recognition can improve workplace relationships

2. Boost Overall Job Satisfaction

Employees stay with a company longer when they are consistently recognized at work

3. Increase Confidence in Company Culture

For Employers

1. Reduce Employee Turnover

2. Improve Recruitment

3. Boost Productivity

Provide flexible employee rewards with Motivosity

Program Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Losing Track of Spending and ROI

Budget, investment and return for rewards and recognition program

Relying Heavily on Top-Down Rewards and Recognition Programs

Easy employee recognition tool - Motivosity

Missed Opportunities from Lack of Promotion

Lacking Employee Input or Feedback

Gather employee feedback and sentiment in connection with your recognition efforts

Features of a great employee recognition program

People-first recognition and rewards for today's workforce - Motivosity