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13 Awesome Office Birthday Ideas that Your Employees Will Appreciate


Why It's Important to Celebrate Employee Birthdays

Celebration and recognition on birthdays increases job satisfaction

The Benefits of Office Birthday Celebrations

A Time for Self-Reflection

A Chance to Bring People Together

Office birthday celebrations can bring employees together

Improve Employee Retention Rates

Harvard Business Review Data on Recognition at Work

Maximize your Strongest Recruitment tool: Word of Mouth

Tips To Make Your Office Birthday Celebrations Exciting and Effective

Make it Personal

Always Remember the Date

Manage your birthday and service award programs with Motivosity | Office birthday ideas

Keep a Budget

Include Everyone

Be Thoughtful and Use Discretion

Take the Opportunity to Highlight Employee Achievement

Tips to make your office birthday celebrations exciting and effective

13 Creative Ways to Celebrate Birthdays in the Office

1. Let them Eat Cake!

Bring in a dessert or cake | Office birthday ideas #1

2. Throw an Office Birthday Party

3. Surprise!

4. Give a Gift

Give your team members a birthday gift | Office birthday ideas #4

5. Plan an out-of-office Get Together

6. Give Them the Day Off

8. Post Them on Social Media

9. Ask Their Friends

10. Show Them Some Star Power

11. Show Appreciation with a Note Jar

12. Give them a Call

Call your team members to celebrate their birthday | Office birthday ideas #12

13. Reward Them

Time for Celebration

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