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The Benefits of Employee Recognition: Boost Morale, Productivity, and Retention


Understanding Employee Recognition

Types of Employee Recognition

Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Peer-to-peer recognition - Types of Employee Recognition

Top-Down Recognition

Top-Down or Superior Recognition - Types of Employee Recognition

Attributed Recognition

Anonymous Recognition

Social Recognition

Private Recognition

Behavior-Based Recognition

Achievement-Based Recognition

Achievement-Based Recognition - Types of Employee Recognition

How recognition affects employee engagement

Employee Recognition Software from Motivosity

Benefits of Employee Recognition

Boosting Employee Morale

Increasing Productivity and Performance

Reducing Employee Voluntary Turnover

Data on costs of employee turnover

Attract Top Talent

Employee recognition efforts help attract the best talent to a workplace

Implementing Employee Recognition Programs

Key elements of successful recognition programs

1. Recognition is Personalized and Specific

2. Recognition Happens Early and Often

3. Recognition is Tied to Company Values

Connect employee recognition efforts with company values

4. Recognition is for Everyone

5. Recognition Lifts People Up

Key Elements for a Successful Employee Recognition Program

Measuring the Impact of Recognition Programs

Measure the impact of an employee recognition program

How to Get Started with an Employee Recognition Program with Motivosity

Easily manage your employee recognition program with Motivosity