10 Creative Ways to Use Motivosity

By Carly MacLennan
Illustration of various office objects like papers, calendar, and whiteboard.

At Motivosity, we’re all about employee engagement. We like to see happy people doing their best to move your business forward. We’ll talk all day about the benefits of recognizing your employees, but we do more than that, too.

Employee engagement is also fueled by connection, having a friend at work, enjoying your job, and feeling part of the group. Motivosity’s platform has some awesome and unique features that promote fun, especially when your employees are remote or spending less face-time with each other at the office. Peruse our list for some creative ways to use Motivosity to spice up your company culture!

1. Spotify Playlists

When work gets ho-hum, sometimes it helps to have something new to hum to. In search of a new playlist, one Motivosity client used an announcement on Motivosity’s platform to gather Spotify playlists from anyone willing to post a link to theirs as a Highlight. The playlist with the most likes after a week would receive 10 Motivosity bucks.

image with text - As the Beatles say, “Come together, right now, over me.”

This can be a fun way to connect with people near or far based on a common interest that typically wouldn’t come up in work conversations. You might find a new appreciation for the closest Britney Spears, Duran Duran, or Billie Eilish fan on your team or throughout the organization. As the Beatles say, “Come together, right now, over me.”

2. Scavenger Hunts

Instead of another company value training or in-person team-building activity, create a Motivosity scavenger hunt! You can have teams share some of their findings in Highlights or create an award and give it to every team that participates. The questions can be relevant to your company:

  • Who is quoted in our core value section?
  • What are the three promises we make to our customers?

Or, you can also use the plentiful personality profiles on Motivosity as inspiration for questions about both in-person and remote employees. Find an employee (or three) who:

  • List pickleball as an interest
  • Have at least two kids - what are their names and ages?
  • Processes payroll
  • Is wearing yellow in their profile pic
  • Is the same personality type as you (#ENFJForever)
  • The most recent new hire or most tenured employee
  • Has the next anniversary on your team
  • Has won seven pie eating-contests

3. Competitions

Some people in your company are after more than a participation award. They want to be number one, and we are here for it! The Leaderboard on the Motivosity homepage showcases just who is giving and receiving the most appreciations each month. Some of our customers have employees who are giving 200 appreciations in 30 days. Ain't’ nothin’ wrong with that. Your employee is winning right along with everyone they thank.

Or maybe competition is necessary to add a little motivation to do what needs to be done. For example, having trouble getting a few managers to consistently hold their 1 on 1s? Post a competition! Every team that has 100% completion of this month’s 1 on 1s gets a pizza party, five Motivosity bucks apiece, or even a 1 on 1 champion award posted to their profile. Use this strategy for anything teams are struggling with - giving appreciations, logging on, getting to know each other, etc.

Or make things fun with an individual challenge - like posted before/after home organization photos or exercise targets. Reward the individuals with the most success, the most likes, or the most sweat!

4. Awards

Use customized awardsto recognize your employees who go above and beyond or add a little laughter to everyone’s day. Some of our customers created a “noob” award and gave it to people who couldn’t log on to Zoom...again. But the awards can also reflect serious achievements on your team.

For example, one of our transportation customers spent hours locating a special needs man he had dropped off but whose parents could not locate him. He eventually found him five miles away! His company created a superhero award for him that clearly applies in this case!

Awards for lesser but important deeds can be specified, like most new clients this month, most positive mentions in reviews, or even best joker of the week. Our awards can be given for specific behaviors you’d like to highlight to promote appreciation and camaraderie with your employees.

5. Kids’ Coloring Pages

One of our customers wanted to find a way to connect better with employee’s families. They created a company-branded coloring page and posted it as an announcement with instructions to have each of their children color it. Finished masterpieces were posted as a highlight. Seeing all of those kids’ smiling faces along with their artwork boosted morale and togetherness across the company.

If you have a budget for it, you could even send home a craft or science project and have families post pictures of their kids completing them. Or maybe you just issue a themed picture-posting challenge. Kids in their Halloween costumes, what’s for dinner, or with their favorite book.

6. Guess Who - Baby Pic Edition

You can probably guess where this one’s going. Announce a baby picture-guessing competition! You can include instructions for submitting pictures to whoever is running the competition, have them post the photos as a highlight, and have your employees comment with guesses!

The person with the most correct guesses can win a “Baby Face” award or a few Motivosity bucks. The person with the least correct guesses can receive an “Old Soul” award or the like. Either way, your employees will be thinking about each other and probably laughing — a recipe for reaching your best team players and your most competitive employees as well.

7. Collaborative Cookbook

Justin Bieber’s “Yummy” might be on someone’s Spotify playlist, but love of food might be even more universal than love of music. Tap into your employees’ unique backgrounds and skills by using Motivosity to create a collaborative company cookbook. You can feature dishes from around the world, weekday meal ideas, desserts, or even foods named after or inspired by coworkers. Serious or silly, teams can receive awards for the most recipes submitted, employees can vote on their favorite recipes, and so on to get as many people involved and invested as possible. A follow-up tasting activity might not be a bad idea either...

8. Two Truths and a Lie

A common ice-breaker, two truths and a lie is fun and easy to take virtual. Each employee can post their two truths and their lie as a highlight and other employees can vote on which statement is false. Do you think Gabe hasn’t gone ice-fishing in Alaska, bumped into Lady GaGa, or broken his leg three times??

To make it even more fun, have members post picture proof of their truths. We really want to see that one of Gabe and Lady GaGa.

9. Movie Trailers

To help promote team-building on teams, issue a movie trailer challenge! Post instructions to use the iMovie app on any team member’s iphone to choose a template and make a movie trailer. Get creative when setting parameters. Trailers must include:

  • A covert shot of a member of a different team
  • The company logo and slogan
  • The word “jentacular”
  • Someone performing a gymnastic feat
  • An appearance by every member of your team

Add a due date, then have all employees vote on their favorite. Give members of the winning team a free lunch and the “Steven Spielberg” award. Lights, camera, action!

10. Netflix Party

Netflix Party is a Google Chrome add-on that allows audiences to watch a movie together from different locations. It’s a perfect outside-of-work event. Send everyone a link to the watch party via a Motivosity announcement, and if you’ve got the budget, consider delivering some food to their homes during the party as a surprise! From Nacho Libre to a Jeopardy play-along, these parties offer chat boxes where employees can joke or compete. Post-party, create a witty award in Motivosity to give each participant.

Has your team come up with a creative way to use Motivosity to improve employee engagement? Continue the thread here!


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