Manager Development

Help your managers make the biggest impact.

65% of people think they would be more effective if they had a better boss. Manager development is an integral part of your employee experience and it's a perfect place to start. Transform your leaders by creating the right habits to help them coach their teams and build powerful relationships.

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Image of a woman smiling next to the manager develpment tools page in Motivosity.

Integrated Manager Development to deliver a great employee experience.

When only 30% of employees are actively engaged, and 70% of the variance in employee experience is attributed to managers, it’s clear there’s a problem. Want to see your engagement numbers reach new levels? Us, too. Here’s the answer: do more for your managers. Motivosity provides your team with the tools and training they need to become powerful leaders. When you invest in your managers, you invest in your employees.

Image of a man smiling with his team dashboard in Motivosity.

Your company's most important conversations happen 1 on 1.

Develop powerful relationships between managers and employees with weekly, collaborative 1 on 1’s. You’ll get preparation prompts so that both employee and manager are coming prepared and having intentional conversations. Notes from the meeting can be shared (or kept private if needed) ensuring everyone is on the same page. Our HR friends and executives love this tool - it means the company has insights into how often team members are being mentored and the efficacy of their managers.

What are people saying about Motivosity?

Don't take it from us, let our Motivosity family tell you how they really feel! With over 2,000 reviews across Capterra, G2 Crowd, and Google Reviews, and an average rating of 4.8/5 stars, and a 95% utilization rate, you can be sure that you are making the right choice for your employees.

“Motivosity puts out an excellent tool to help streamline the various management tasks required to keep track of the pulse of your team through 1 on 1 meetings, quarterly feedback, highlights, priorities for goals, etc.”

- Derek A. with DigiCert

Screenshot of an appreciation modal in Motivosity to give an employee after a 1 on 1 meeting.

Don’t miss a chance to say “thanks” — let your team know they’re awesome.

Nothing is worse than the feeling of your great work going unnoticed. At the end of every 1 on 1, managers are prompted to say “thanks”. Instead of being recognized once in an annual performance review, or while passing in the hallway, Motivosity helps managers frequently highlight people’s great work for the team to see. Tie recognition to your own company values and see your culture come to life on your Motivosity homepage.

Image of a man smiling with his meeting dashboard in Motivosity.

Make every conversation meaningful with AI.

Introducing cutting edge AI made to help your team have more meaningful meetings, make work better and employees happier.

We've taken the most important moments in meetings and provided a powerful tool to create personalized agendas, priorities, and topic suggestions. By utilizing data in the platform (past 1 on 1's, personality traits and job responsibilities) managers will feel like they're getting the support they finally need to make an impact. And since every meeting could use the power of AI, every employee on the Motivosity platform will benefit from meeting management tools to make important conversations better.

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Image of several Motivosity dashboards, all revolving arround performance goals.

Help your employees set and attain more impactful goals.

Setting goals isn’t very useful when they’re never revisited and difficult to track. Integrate your performance management process into Motivosity and start making OKRs and goals a regular part of 1 on 1 conversations for employees and leadership alike. With organization-wide goal transparency, in-depth reporting, and company initiative alignment, you can be sure that everyone will be on the same page and know what it takes to be successful.

Man smiling next to his priority list in Motivosity.

Focus on the right priorities that make the biggest difference.

Your employees might need guidance on where they should be spending the most energy. Using a collaborative priority organizer, you can easily check in on the tasks your employees are working on at the moment, make adjustments when priorities change, and keep track of everything they’ve accomplished. Priorities are always a part of your 1 on 1 conversation so no projects get left behind.

Screenshot of a 360-degree performance review in Motivosity.

Wanting performance reviews? Try this.

Only 2 in 10 employees feel that their performance is being managed in a way that makes them want to do great work. Engage your employees and encourage them to do their best by having continuous streams of feedback and 360-degree reviews. Help them understand their impact on the organization, everywhere from job results to value fit...and then help them level up.

Two men smiling and fist-bumping next to personality tests in Motivosity.

Create real connections and improve company culture.

When it comes to being a great manager, it all comes back to the relationships you build. And because Motivosity is created around community and connection, it’s the perfect solution to a great manager-employee dynamic. Connect with team members through similar interests, learn how to better coach employees with personality profiles, and see frequent recognition come to life on the Motivosity homepage. We bring manager development and amazing company culture into one place. 

Screenshots of the Key Player Rating in Motivosity.

Prepare your employees for the future — give them room to grow.

When you get that promotion, who is going to fill your shoes? Be proactive in identifying and training the right people to take over with individualized plans. Whether they stick around for 10 more years or move into a different role, help them prepare to take the next step in their career with personalized succession planning and key player evaluations.

Screenshot of an organizational chart in Motivosity.

How well are your managers doing? Time to find out.

Feel confident that your managers are doing everything they can to lead their teams successfully. As you roll up through the organization, executives get insights into every manager’s performance. With reporting for the C-suite and for each manager, team performance overviews keep all the right notes, activities, and key insights in one place.

How does Manager Development build a better Employee Experience?

Image of a honeycomb with each section representing a part of Motivosity's Employee Experience.

A good relationship with your manager? Priceless.

Community and recognition matter! But 70% of an employee's experience is affected by their relationship with their boss. What you need is a better way for employees to build meaningful relationships with their managers. Give leaders the right tools to be able to coach their employees and have 1 on 1’s that will increase satisfaction and decrease turnover.

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