The Keys to Improving Retention by 8X by Dr. Bobby Low

Humans are hardwired to connect and build strong positive relationships. This is true inside and outside the workplace. When people connect with their managers and teams they thrive. These connected employees are more productive, engaged, and loyal to the company. In fact, the research tells us that people that have a great employee experience are 8 times more likely to stay with their current employer. Building a culture where employees demonstrate your company values, appreciate each other and build strong relationships with team members takes intentionality. At Motivosity we build technology to help companies do this, and beyond that, we have compiled the Motivosity MV6 to help you measure connectedness inside your organization.

Key takeaways will be:

  1. Learn 4 key workplace behaviors that drive strong Culture and Positive Relationships.
  2. Learn how these drive positive outcomes for your organization.
  3. Understand how to measure these initiatives in your organization.
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