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9 Ways to Improve Team Communication


Improving communication within a team

Use an employee engagement survey to measure touchpoints and opinions

#1 - Launch a Quick Engagement Survey

Use a pulse survey to understand gaps in communication skills
eNPS survey template. Questions to gauge engagement

#2 - Open Up What Communication Looks Like

The more you listen to your employees, the better at communicating you'll become.

#3 - Know how each team member likes to be communicated with

It's important to understand individual communication preferences.

#4 - Set the communication strategy... and simplify!

Communication improves when employees are empowered to speak up

#5: Choose the best tools for communication

Different tools can address the needs of different communication styles
Communication tools should be comprehensive, inclusive, and integrative.

#6 Communicate with your company

#7 Capitalize on team member strengths

Not all communication is formal. Fun, nonchalant team communication is important too.

#8 Set the Example

Managers can lead by example - help all parties involved and adapt to team member's communication styles

#9 Give context

Improve team communication, unity, and connection with Motivosity

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